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Apostille is commonly used to refer to the legalization of a document for international use under the Hague Convention of 1961 for Foreign Public Documents. The Office of the Secretary of State provides apostille and authentication service to U.S. citizens and foreign nationals on documents that will be used overseas. Types of documents include corporate documents such as company bylaws and articles of incorporation, power of attorney, diplomas, transcripts, letters relating to degrees, marital status, references and job certifications, home studies, deeds of assignments, distributorship agreements, papers for adoption purposes, etc.

The U.S. State Department provides general information about document authentications and apostilles.

Apostille Services Fees:


Same Day Service - $350*


3-5 Day Service - $175*


21 Day Service - $125*


Each Additional Doc - $75


Authentication needed for same document - $60 (before applying an apostille)

*Original documents must be received by 9:00am – Monday through Friday

*Included with each Apostille is one Notarized Signature each additional Signature is $2

*Delivery Services NOT included (USPS/UPS/FedEx)

*Not including weekends or federal holidays.