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In 1998, the National Notary Association introduced the first-ever comprehensive and detailed code of ethical and professional conduct for America’s Notaries.  The purpose of The Notary Public Code of Professional Responsibility is a guidebook and aid for us Notaries Public in the United States when our laws, regulations, and official mandates fail.  It also serves these functions:

  • Educates Non-Notaries – The Code may be handed to an employer, a coworker, a customer, or any other user of notarial services to explain the Notary’s proper role.
  • The catalyst for Change – For lawmakers and administrators, the Code is a moral imperative for progressive change and a catalyst for improving notarial statutes and conventions.
  • Reduces Fraud, Litigation – Widespread implementation of the Code will reduce fraud and the volume of civil and criminal lawsuits.
  • Fosters Confidence – Any Notary’s adherence to the standards of the Code brings confidence that he or she is acting in accordance with the highest professional and ethical traditions of the Notary office.
  • Engenders Respect – Widespread adherence to the standards of the Code will heighten professionalism and engender respect and recognition for the Notary office in this nation and abroad.

Having a Code of Professional Responsibility to refer to helps me make sure that I am doing a good job ethically and serving the best interests of my signers while protecting myself and my business from avoidable errors and liabilities.  You can read and download the full Code of Professional Responsibility on the National Notary Association (NNA) website.