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General Notary Work (GNW) is notary work that doesn’t involve any type of real estate transactions or notarizations. A notary is a person that has the authority anywhere within the state where they are commissioned to notarize important documents and to witness or attest signatures, administer oaths and affirmations and they can also take affidavits.

A successful notary will learn their state laws and learn the best practices for their state to do great general notary work while sculpting his or her niche in the notary arena. General notary work can be done at senior living communities, schools, banks, adoption agencies, nursing homes, jails, car dealerships, insurance agencies, or law firms.

Most states will require the notary to keep a journal, for their records in case you are called into court or get audited. The notary may be held liable for all damages caused by their errors, omissions, or improper notarizations. Once you have mastered your general notary work you can take that new knowledge and transfer it into many other fields within the notary arena.